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BCTR in Fall 2015 Human Ecology Magazine

4-H is featured on the cover and the BCTR Fellows are introduced

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Casasola, Wildeman, and Seguin

Introducing the first BCTR Fellows

Marianella Casasola (HD), Chris Wildeman (PAM), and Rebecca Seguin (DNS) are the 2015-2017 Fellows.

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CUCE-NYC at urban farming symposium

Philson A.A. Warner spoke at an advanced urban farming techniques panel.

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Student Profile: Jessica Tran

Jessica works with 4-H on programming and communications.

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Register now for the June 2016 conference

The Residential Child Care Project hosts the international event

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NY 4-H on PBS for American Graduate Day

4-H's Jamila Simon and CITIZEN U leader Nosa Akol join Soledad O'Brien on air

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New project promotes positive youth development

Jane Mendle and Anthony Burrow will head PRYDE within 4-H

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The Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research expands, strengthens, and speeds the connections between research, policy, and practice to enhance human development and well-being.

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Center News

TRIPLL New York City Community Forum

Networking event on pain in later life sparks new connections

On October 21st the Translational Research Institute on Pain in Later Life (TRIPLL) hosted a networking event for over 30 invited researchers at the Statler Hotel on Cornell campus.  TRIPLL, an NIH-funded Edward R. Roybal Center, fosters multidisciplinary collaborations among researchers from Weill...

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Addressing scars as lingering reminders of the pain of self-injury

Even after doing the emotional work to heal from self-injury, scars can remain as a reminder of a painful time for many who self-injure. Tattooing has emerged as a potentially helpful tool for people with a history of self injury to cover, and reinterpret,...

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Military Projects updates U.S. Army “Victim Advocacy Program Manual”

The U.S. Army in collaboration with other government and non-government agencies is committed to addressing domestic/ partner abuse with a comprehensive response to soldiers, victims, and their families. Army victim advocates have the crucial role of providing non-clinical advocacy services and support to victims....

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Elaine Wethington named a BCTR Associate Director

The midlife crisis myth

Do a significant number of people experience stress about aging in midlife, leading to sudden life changes and sports car purchases? They do not, according to a new study. A recent post on explains that there is no evidence that people experience greater...

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Celebrating Hamilton and McPheron as they retire

This summer the BCTR celebrated the careers of Steve Hamilton and Mary Lu McPheron, who both retired this year. Steve Hamilton served as an associate director of the BCTR since its founding in 2011. He was also a professor of human development in...

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Two in five African-American women know a prisoner

Recent research findings, co-authored by BCTR affiliate and fellow Christopher Wildeman (Policy Analysis & Management), show that on average African-American adults, and women in particular, are more likely to be acquainted with someone who is incarcerated  than whites. Forty-four percent of black...

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Upcoming Events

Talks at Twelve: Marianella Casasola

Spatial Language and Spatial Play in the Early Development of Spatial Skills


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Research In Translation


Regional CARE events share findings from 5-year study

RCCP director Martha Holden addressing attendees The BCTR’s Residential Child Care Project (RCCP) disseminates...


Supporting Young Families: The Role of Social Network Analysis

Young parents, especially teen parents, must depend on a network of support and multiple services to...

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