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New episodes: Turner, Loeckenhoff, Burrow

We talk about translational research in three new podcast episodes

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smetana speaking

Video: Judith Smetana on adolescent-parent relationships

See the full 2016 John Doris Memorial Lecture - video now online

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burrow presenting

Conference shares latest youth development research

The Youth Development Research update connects practitioners and researchers

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millman visits casasola lab

Alumni gifts support the greater good

Recent gifts funded PRYDE and the Milman BCTR Faculty Fellow

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Student Profile: Jessica Sweetman

Jessica is a BCTR alum who remains engaged with translational research

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The Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research expands, strengthens, and speeds the connections between research, policy, and practice to enhance human development and well-being.

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Center News


New systematic reviews on 4-H public speaking programs and volunteer engagement

How can 4-H youth programs improve volunteer recruitment and retention? What is the impact of 4-H public speaking programs? The latest BCTR systematic translational reviews (STRs) address these questions. These topics were proposed to the BCTR Research Synthesis Project as questions that needed addressing...

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New Tool Helps Program Staff Better Serve Young Parents

The ACT for Youth Center of Excellence has developed an Asset/Risk Assessment Tool for use with families headed by adolescents or young adults. The tool was created for programs working within Pathways to Success, a New York State Department of Health...

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Online course brings self-injury to the surface

By Olivia M. Hall from the Cornell Chronicle: The cuts, burns and scars of nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI) are rarely seen, as they are inflicted in private and hidden under pant legs and sleeves. Janis Whitlock, Ph.D. ’03, director of the Cornell Research Program on...

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Evidence-Based Living logo

Evidence-Based Living blog now on Psychology Today web site

In a sea of often-conflicting advice and information, the BCTR's Evidence-Based Living blog presents scientifically-accurate information on topics that effect our daily lives. When each day seems to bring a new study, reversing a previous study, the Evidence-Based Living blog takes a...

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PRYDE inaugural explores the future of youth development research

The inaugural celebration for the Program for Research on Youth Development and Engagement (PRYDE) featured three eminent speakers in a panel discussion on “The Future of Youth Development Research: Perspectives from Research and Practice.” This panel uniquely reflected the mission of PRYDE in...

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2016 Iscol Lecture: Glenn Martin

Mass Incarceration: An Experience Shared by 65 Million Americans


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Research In Translation


Regional CARE events share findings from 5-year study

RCCP director Martha Holden addressing attendees The BCTR’s Residential Child Care Project (RCCP) disseminates...

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