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The Superstar Practitioner Project

Principle Investigator: Brian Leidy
Co-Principle Investigator: Charles Izzo
Co-Principle Investigator: Lisa McCabe

The Superstar Practitioner Project is a multi-disciplinary project that aims to study exceptional human service practitioners to identify the kinds of interpersonal practices that promote strong client engagement and positive client outcomes. Led by a team from the BCTR (Brian Leidy, Charles Izzo, Lisa McCabe, Elliott Smith, and Rachel Dunifon), the project benefits from input from multiple collaborators representing diverse fields of practice including disability, parenting education, child care, residential child care, and home visiting.

The Superstar Practitioner Project uses multiple data collection methods, including a large-scale literature review; focus groups with practitioners, supervisors, and clients; and field observations. Data from these diverse sources will contribute to the development of a framework that describes key dimensions of interpersonal behavior associated with successful engagement of clients across a wide range of direct-service settings. In addition, the project will develop and pilot an observational rating tool to assess practitioners’ use of engaging practices across several domains.

Funding for the Superstar Practitioner Project comes from the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station federal formula funds (through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, United States Department of Agriculture), College of Human Ecology Research-Extension Support, and the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell University.