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Nurse Family Partnership

Principal Investigator: John Eckenrode
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Preventive home visitation during infancy and pregnancy has been advocated as holding great promise for improving the health and well-being of the nation’s children and families. NFP research was instrumental in the inclusion within Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 of $1.5 Billion over 5 years in funding for an innovative Home Visitation Grant Program for States. Since 1993, with funding from the National Institute of Mental Health and the Smith-Richardson Foundation, the BCTR has collaborated with David Olds of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center as well as researchers at the University of Rochester School of Nursing on long-term follow-up studies of the families who took part in a randomized clinical trial of nurse home visitation in Elmira, NY. The data from these studies, together with data from replications in Memphis and Denver have demonstrated positive, long-lasting effects on low-income mothers and their children that surpass those of any other home visiting program reported in the research literature. As such, these data are often cited as the best available evidence for the efficacy of home visiting in preventing child maltreatment.