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ISCOL Family Program

Advisory committee co-chair: Alan Mathios
Advisory committee co-chair: Christopher Wildeman
Leadership Development in Public Service Logo

The ISCOL Family Program inspires and educates a new generation of community leaders to tackle the seemingly intractable problems that face our society, such as poverty, hunger, ignorance, homelessness, and violence. There are success stories of communities being built or rebuilt, of individuals having profound effects upon areas of social concern, and of ideas that lead to breakthroughs in supposedly insurmountable problems. The ISCOL Family Program connects individuals who have a commitment to social change and public service with Cornell students. The aim is to stimulate our students to reflect on their talents, education, experience, and personal resources and to help them make the leap in imagination necessary to understand that they can make a significant difference in society as professionals, volunteers, or philanthropists. This program seeks, as well, to encourage new problem-centered approaches to educating students, to create a dialogue among faculty within the university, and to strengthen university-community partnerships in tackling some of society's greatest challenges.