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4-H Youth Development

Director: Andrew Turner
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4-H is the largest out of school youth organization in the United States with more than 6 million youth members. As the youth component of Cooperative Extension, 4-H connects young people to Cornell. In addition to its well-known clubs, 4-H also offers in-school and after-school programs, special interest groups, independent memberships, camps, and special events.

4-H has three core content areas: science, technology, engineering and math; healthy lifestyles; and citizenship. Program activities and materials are developed by campus-based experts in related fields, who also provide continuing support to professional staff and volunteers. Hands-on, inquiry-based learning is central to 4-H. Participants learn to take leadership, work in groups, plan, and communicate.

Cornell Cooperative Extension receives support from federal, state, and county governments and has offices that reach the state’s 57 counties plus New York City. Educators in these offices work with faculty and staff to carry out Cornell’s mission as New York State’s land grant university to share its knowledge with the people of the state. Locating 4-H in the BCTR demonstrates a commitment to grounding 4-H firmly in research, not only about the content of programs but also about youth development and program implementation.