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cuce-nyc-largerWith offices in Manhattan and Queens, Cornell University Cooperative Extension-NYC (CUCE-NYC) works to enable people in all five boroughs to improve their lives and communities. CUCE-NYC combines cutting-edge research with community-centered programs. It is integrated into the College of Human Ecology (CHE), working closely with the BCTR. In addition, CUCE-NYC leads the Community Engagement and Research initiative of Weill Cornell Medical College’s Clinical and Translational Science Center. The BCTR’s Director of Outreach and Community Engagement, Jennifer Tiffany, serves as the Executive Director of CUCE-NYC, providing a strong institutional foundation for the partnership.

CUCE-NYC/BCTR collaborative efforts around research (e.g., the Complementary Strengths Research Partnership) and program delivery (e.g., the ACT of Youth Center of Excellence) have a long and deep history. Each has been strengthened by new research and program delivery partnerships, such as the evaluation of the delivery of Parenting a Second Time Around (PASTA) workshops to inner city grandparents. A July 2012 retreat for CUCE-NYC leadership, the BCTR, and CHE outreach and extension staff has led to increased communication and coordination between the groups.

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