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cce-largerThe BCTR has developed a strong partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), building on CCE’s long history of translating research into practice, its active engagement of diverse stakeholders, and its established presence in communities throughout New York state. The strength of CCE lies in communicating research-based knowledge to people outside the academic community and in helping to identify important emerging needs that should inform research agendas. BCTR will work with CCE to enhance the use of research to design and improve CCE programs as well as to connect a wider range of faculty with the work occurring in CCE Associations. The Statewide 4-H Youth Development Program is now located in the BCTR, strengthening the 4-H program's academic base and connection to research. The BCTR's Director for Outreach and Community Engagement also serves as the College of Human Ecology's Associate Director for Extension and Outreach, further strengthening the partnership between BCTR and CCE.

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