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Talks at Twelve: Glynis Shea, Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Framing Disparities: Are You Sending the Right Message? Building the Public Will to Tackle Health Disparities
Glynis Shea, University of Minnesota

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Beebe Hall, 2nd floor conference room

This talk is open to all. Lunch will be served. Metered parking is available in the Plantations lot across the road from Beebe Hall.

It seems logical to believe that the compelling data about adolescent sexual health disparities would cause a public outcry, inspire immediate action from policy makers, and shake up our systems and infrastructure. But this is not the case. As it turns out, promoting the very data we find so compelling may be having exactly the opposite effect.

Building the public will to tackle health disparities remains an enormous challenge. As members of the youth-serving community we all – as individuals and organizations – have a role to play in shaping how people think about and work to eliminate health disparities.

In her talk, Glynis Shea will borrow strategies used by commercial advertisers, leverage the best thinking of cognitive linguists, and apply findings from the latest communications research to inform and inspire new ways to think about, discuss, and present health disparities data.

Glynis Shea is the Communications Director for the Konopka Institute for Best Practices in Adolescent Health and the Healthy Youth Development • Prevention Research Center at the University of Minnesota.

As a former Vice President at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising San Francisco, Ms. Shea crafted communication plans and advertising strategies, fielded national market research efforts, and managed the production of TV, print, and radio advertising. Her client list included Hewlett-Packard, US West, and the Blue Diamond Almond Growers.

At the University of Minnesota, Ms. Shea collaborates with a host of youth-serving professionals and students. Her expertise is used to translate scholarly literature, develop communications strategies, and create publications, reports, web sites, newsletters, and fact sheets. She is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer. Her workshops focus on effectively communicating about young people and the resources required to support their well-being and health.

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