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The Parenting in Context Initiative

Parenting in Context

The Parenting in Context Initiative focuses on integrating extension and research activities in the area of parenting education.

Mission: The Parenting in Context Initiative aims to provide research-based resources for parent educators as well as develop new curricula that will enhance existing programs. We also provide training and tools that will be useful in evaluating parenting programs as well as assess parenting programs by county, by program and statewide to identify areas of potential collaboration and resource.

The Parenting in Context web site provides information relevant for parent educators. These links help educators understand how to evaluate their program(s) and provide useful resources such as how to acquire program funding or how to write a grant proposal. While our mission is geared towards parent educators, the Parenting in Context information is useful to all interested in the connection between parenting and research. The Research section presents information on research topics that affect parenting and child development and the Program section shows various parent education programs available across the state of New York.

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